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The method allows you to retrieve additional courier services, which depend on other shipment settings. Used only for X-press, BrokerSystem, WysyƂam z Allegro, ErliPRO couriers. Not applicable to other couriers whose forms have fixed options. The details of the package should be sent with the method (the format as in createPackage) in order to receive a list of additional services

Input parameters
courier_codevarchar(20)Courier code
order_idintOrder identifier
account_idint(optional) Courier API account id for the courier accounts retrieved from the request getCourierAccounts
If blank, the first account will be used.
fieldsarrayFields same as in createPackage" function
packagesarrayFields same as in createPackage" function

Output data
The method returns the data in JSON format.
statusvarchar(30)SUCCESS - request executed correctly
ERROR - an error occurred during an API request. Error details will be described in 2 additional returned fields: error_message and error_code
servicesarrayList of available services.
The key to each element is the service id (varchar)
Value is the name of the service (varchar)

Input data:
Output data:
A sample request in PHP: