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The method allows adding a new order to the BaseLinker order manager.

Input parameters
order_status_idintOrder status (the list available to retrieve with getOrderStatusList)
custom_source_idint(optional) Identifier of custom order source defined in BaseLinker panel. If not provided, default order source is assigned.
date_addintDate of order creation (in unix time format)
currencychar(3)3-letter currency symbol (e.g. EUR, PLN)
payment_methodvarchar(30)Payment method
payment_method_codboolFlag indicating whether the type of payment is COD (cash on delivery)
paidboolInformation whether the order is already paid. The value "1" automatically adds a full payment to the order.
user_commentsvarchar(510)Buyer comments
admin_commentsvarchar(200)Seller comments
emailvarchar(150)Buyer e-mail address
phonevarchar(100)Buyer phone number
user_loginvarchar(30)Allegro or eBay user login
delivery_methodvarchar(30)Delivery method name
delivery_pricefloatGross delivery price
delivery_fullnamevarchar(100)Delivery address - name and surname
delivery_companyvarchar(100)Delivery address - company
delivery_addressvarchar(100)Delivery address - street and number
delivery_postcodevarchar(100)Delivery address - postcode
delivery_cityvarchar(100)Delivery address - city
delivery_country_codechar(2)Delivery address - country code (two-letter, e.g. EN)
delivery_point_idvarchar(40)Pick-up point delivery - pick-up point identifier
delivery_point_namevarchar(100)Pick-up point delivery - pick-up point name
delivery_point_addressvarchar(100)Pick-up point delivery - pick-up point address
delivery_point_postcodevarchar(100)Pick-up point delivery - pick-up point postcode
delivery_point_cityvarchar(100)Pick-up point delivery - pick-up point city
invoice_fullnamevarchar(100)Billing details - name and surname
invoice_companyvarchar(100)Billing details - company
invoice_nipvarchar(100)Billing details - Vat Reg. no./tax number
invoice_addressvarchar(100)Billing details - street and house number
invoice_postcodevarchar(100)Billing details - postcode
invoice_cityvarchar(100)Billing details - city
invoice_country_codechar(2)Billing details - country code (two-letter, e.g. EN)
want_invoiceboolFlag indicating whether the customer wants an invoice (1 - yes, 0 - no)
extra_field_1varchar(50)Value from "additional field 1". - the seller can store any information there
extra_field_2varchar(50)Value from "additional field 2". - the seller can store any information there
productsarrayOrder product array. Each element of the array is also an array containing fields:
storage (varchar) - type of magazine from which the product comes (available values: "db" - BaseLinker internal catalog, "shop" - the online store magazine, "warehouse" - a connected wholesaler).
storage_id (int) - the identifier of the magazine from which the product comes (one of the shops connected to the account). Value "0" for a product from the BaseLinker internal catalog.
product_id (varchar) - Product identifier in BaseLinker or store magazine. Blank if the product number is unknown
variant_id (int) - Product variant ID. Blank if the variant number is unknown
name (varchar) - Product name
sku (varchar) - Product sku
ean (varchar) - Product ean
location (varchar) - Product location
warehouse_id (int) - Product source warehouse identifier. Only applies to products from BaseLinker inventory. By default warehouse_id is determined based on the source of the order.
attributes (varchar) - Specific product attributes (e.g. "Color: blue")
price_brutto (float) - Single item gross price
tax_rate (float) - VAT rate
quantity (int) - Quantity of pieces
weight (float) - Single item weight

Output data
The method returns the data in JSON format.
statusvarchar(30)SUCCESS - request executed correctly
ERROR - an error occurred during an API request. Error details will be described in 2 additional returned fields: error_message and error_code
order_idintID of added order.

Input data:
Output data:
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