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The method allows to download detailed data of selected products from the BaseLinker storage or a shop/wholesaler storage connected to BaseLinker.

Input parameters
storage_idvarchar(30)Storage ID in format "[type:bl|shop|warehouse]_[id:int]" (e.g. "shop_2445").
productsarrayAn array of product ID numbers to download

Output data
The method returns the data in JSON format.
statusvarchar(30)SUCCESS - request executed correctly
ERROR - an error occurred during an API request. Error details will be described in 2 additional returned fields: error_message and error_code
storage_idvarchar(30)Storage ID in format "[type:bl|shop|warehouse]_[id:int]" (e.g. "shop_2445").
productsarrayAn array of products containig the fields listed below
| - product_idvarchar(30)The main Product ID.
| - eanvarchar(32)Product EAN number.
| - skuvarchar(32)Product SKU number. It can be filled with e.g. an external system product number. This will later allow you to rebuild the list of product associations in case of loss.
| - namevarchar(200)Product name
| - quantityintStock quantity
| - price_nettofloatNet price
| - price_bruttofloatPrice gross
| - price_wholesale_nettofloatNet wholesale price
| - tax_ratefloatVAT tax rate e.g. "23", (value from range 0-100, EXCEPTION values: "-1" for "EXPT"/"ZW" exempt from VAT, "-0.02" for "NP" annotation, "-0.03" for "OO" VAT reverse charge)
| - weightfloatWeight in kilograms
| - descriptiontextProduct description
| - description_extra1textAdditional product description
| - description_extra2textAdditional product description
| - description_extra3textAdditional product description
| - description_extra4textAdditional product description
| - man_namevarchar(50)Manufacturer name
| - man_imagevarchar(100)Full manufacturer logo address
| - category_idintProduct category ID (the category must be created earlier with the addCategories method)
| - imagesarrayAn array of product photos. Each element of the array is a separate photo.
| - featuresarrayAn array of product features in the form of a list. Each element of the array is also an array containing two elements:
0 (varchar) - parameter name e.g. "resolution"
1 (varchar) - parameter value, e.g. "Full HD"

| - variantsarrayAn array of available product variants. Each element of the array is also an array containing elements:
variant_id (int) - variant identifier
name (varchar) - full variant name
price (float) - variant price
quantity (int) - variant stock quantity sku (varchar) - variant SKU storage number
ean (varchar) - EAN number
| - [inne]...The function can return additional fields created individually for a given seller in the integration file of his online store

Input data:
Output data:
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