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The method allows you to edit selected fields (e.g. address data, notes, etc.) of a specific order. Only the fields that you want to edit should be given, other fields can be omitted in the request.

Input parameters
order_idintOrder identifier from the BaseLinker order manager. Field required. Other fields are optional.
admin_commentsvarchar(200)Seller comments
user_commentsvarchar(510)Buyer comments
payment_methodvarchar(30)Payment method
payment_method_codboolFlag indicating whether the type of payment is COD (cash on delivery)
emailvarchar(150)Buyer e-mail address
phonevarchar(100)Buyer phone number
user_loginvarchar(30)Buyer login
delivery_methodvarchar(30)Delivery method name
delivery_pricefloatGross delivery price
delivery_fullnamevarchar(100)Delivery address - name and surname
delivery_companyvarchar(100)Delivery address - company
delivery_addressvarchar(156)Delivery address - street and number
delivery_postcodevarchar(100)Delivery address - postcode
delivery_cityvarchar(100)Delivery address - city
delivery_statevarchar(100)Delivery address - state/province
delivery_country_codechar(2)Delivery address - country code (two-letter, e.g. EN)
delivery_point_idvarchar(40)Pick-up point delivery - pick-up point identifier
delivery_point_namevarchar(100)Pick-up point delivery - pick-up point name
delivery_point_addressvarchar(100)Pick-up point delivery - pick-up point address
delivery_point_postcodevarchar(100)Pick-up point delivery - pick-up point postcode
delivery_point_cityvarchar(100)Pick-up point delivery - pick-up point city
invoice_fullnamevarchar(100)Billing details - name and surname
invoice_companyvarchar(100)Billing details - company
invoice_nipvarchar(100)Billing details - Vat Reg. no./tax number
invoice_addressvarchar(100)Billing details - street and house number
invoice_postcodevarchar(100)Billing details - postcode
invoice_cityvarchar(100)Billing details - city
invoice_statevarchar(100)Billing details - state/province
invoice_country_codechar(2)Billing details - country code (two-letter, e.g. EN)
want_invoiceboolFlag indicating whether the customer wants an invoice (1 - yes, 0 - no)
extra_field_1varchar(50)Value of the "extra field 1". - the seller can store any information there
extra_field_2varchar(50)Value of the "extra field 2". - the seller can store any information there
custom_extra_fieldsarrayA list containing order custom extra fields, where the key is the extra field ID and value is an extra field content for given extra field. The list of extra fields can be retrieved with getOrderExtraFields method.
In case of removing a field the empty string is expected.
In case of file the following format is expected:
    "title": "file.pdf" (varchar(40) - the file name)
    "file": "data:4AAQSkZJRgABA[...]" (binary - the file body limited to 2MB)
pick_stateintFlag indicating the status of the order products collection (1 - all products have been collected, 0 - not all products have been collected)
pack_stateintFlag indicating the status of the order products packing (1 - all products have been packed, 0 - not all products have been packed)

Output data
The method returns the data in JSON format.
statusvarchar(30)SUCCESS - request executed correctly
ERROR - an error occurred during an API request. Error details will be described in 2 additional returned fields: error_message and error_code

Input data:
Output data:
A sample request in PHP: